Creatures of Comparison

February 19, 2018


We compare ourselves to others and others to ourselves and others to others. We are creatures of comparison. If you think you don’t, I encourage you to go sit in a public place and be present with your thoughts as people pass by. We do this all the time. But how do we stop the cycle?

What would your Grandma say?

February 6, 2018


There is NO EXCUSE FOR EATING LIKE CRAP! For real guys. If our great great grandparents listened to how we obsess and talk about food all the time, they would think we are batshit-cray-cray. If they saw the things stocked on our grocery store shelves they would be confused (and then disgusted) when they found out what was in the stuff we call “food”.

Self Care… Taking Time!

January 22, 2018


The concept of “self-care” is everywhere. Most commonly, self care seems to focused around the physical body. That's a part of it for sure, but to me, self-care is simply taking time.

Gaining Back Time

January 1, 2018


As I get older I am realizing just how important time is. It flies by. I am coming up on my 20th high school reunion and I feel like it was just days ago that I was awkwardly dancing at prom! We can't slow down time, but we certainly can embrace the time we have more.

Life’s Transitions

December 18, 2017


I’ve wanted to write this post for a long time and after doing my first “competition” of any sort for the first time in 3.5 years last weekend, I figure no better time than now. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been an athlete... but now what?

Exercise Isn’t About Burning Calories

November 27, 2017


People… listen to me on this one… exercise isn’t about burning calories! You may read that and think I’m nuts, but hear me out! The notion that we exercise to lose weight or get skinny is rough around the edges, to say the least. I believe these ideas are a large contributing factors to why a lot of people (women specifically) have an up and down relationships with exercise.

Excercise YOUR Way

November 13, 2017


As a fitness professional, I get asked all the time what I think the best workout or the best exercsie program is. Well, my answer, it depends. There's not a one size fits all approach. But, ultimately, the best exercise program is really the one that you do and that one that makes you happy…and the one that challenges you. Then you have to make sure you’re not just doing that.

Nutrition Nonsense: Part III – What Does “Diet” Even Mean?

November 6, 2017


Diet. Yuck! That word just makes me cringe! What does it even mean? Diets, for most people, create this feeling of guilt when not fully compliant. I have been in this industry for almost 15 years and I see it over and over again. Hell, I’ve experienced it myself over and over again. Let's change the talk and the thoughts.

Nutrition Nonsense: Part II – Social Side

October 30, 2017


Being in the health and fitness world in today’s social media craze is rough. Food and fitness are everywhere (or at least on my feeds). Our “media” shows perfection. I love that the image of “health” trying to change. But, I think going from "skin and bones" to “strong is the new skinny” we are still focused on body image defining our health. Newsflash y’all… we are all different.

Nutrition Nonsense: Part I – My Story

October 23, 2017


Alright y’all… here we go… a blog series that I know needs to be written, but I hesitate because of the flack it will most likely get online due to it’s vast controversial topic… but here we go… this series is going to be about… wait for it…. nutrition! But not delivered in the way you may think.

In the Pursuit of Happiness: Part V – Personal Reality

October 16, 2017


"Your personality creates your personal reality." BOOM! Read that again and this time really read it. "Your personality creates your personal reality." Advice from podcaster Sean Croxton. Here's my take on it.

In The Pursuit of Happiness: Part IV – Pick Your Boxes

October 2, 2017


In life, there are so many things we “should” do. But, let's take a moment and just recognize that's not reality. We can’t do it all! We can’t check all the boxes! We need to pick our boxes.

In the Pursuit of Happiness: Part III – Love Yourself

September 25, 2017


Our world is filled with expectations of all kinds – external, internal, societal, realistic, unrealistic, etc. Sometimes, we are judgmental and critical when those standards aren’t met... both towards ourselves and to others. It’s a harsh reality and something I personally work on everyday. I see three main ways this criticism is passed – internal dialog, non-verbal communication and verbal communication. Let's chat about it.

In the Pursuit of Happiness: Part II – Community and Laughter

September 18, 2017


When you surround yourself by like-minded people who will push you to challenge yourself, call you on your shit, and make you see life in a positive way, you have a community. When you have a supportive community, magical things happen and you have happiness.

In the Pursuit of Happiness: Part I – Joy and Passion

September 11, 2017


When I think of happiness I think of two words: joy and passion. Ironically, I think passion is the exception to the concept of joy with regards to happiness. Let me explain in my non-guru, just personal experience way.

KISS For Your Health

September 4, 2017


For the last 13 years I have been so lucky to call my passion my job. I get to help people navigate down their health and fitness path. With each one of these amazing people I have worked with, not one journey is the same. However, they all follow the same basic principles.

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