Gaining Back Time

January 1, 2018


“Anyone who is hurrying is losing time.”

Last week I heard one of my new favorite quotes of all time. “Anyone who is hurrying is losing time.” It’s an old Chilean saying that touched deep down in my soul. Maybe it had such an impact because of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Or maybe it hit home because I have been working so hard lately that I honestly don’t even know what day it is. Or maybe it’s just one of the most profound things I’ve ever heard! Probably a little bit of each.

You see, I have always been a doer! I set my mind to something and I make it happen. Why do tomorrow what you can do today… right? Well… I’m starting to question that ideology. As I get older I am realizing just how important time is. I am coming up on my 20th high school reunion and I feel like it was just days ago that I was awkwardly dancing at prom! I received school pictures of my 5-year old nephew the other day and he’s no longer a baby (how did that happen?!?). Marcus and I have been together for over 10 years… Whoa… back up the train! I remember the first time I saw him like it was yesterday.

I could go on and on with stories like this and I’m sure you have your own to follow suit. But, this blog isn’t about reminiscing – this blog is about trying to slow the heck down!

This last weekend Marcus and I took a trip to the Eastern Sierras to do some ski touring and chillaxin’ in the mountains. Although our ski touring didn’t happen (there literally was no snow), we enjoyed long hikes, soaked in natural hot springs, reading, playing cards, sitting and just being. We took in all the sounds and smells and sights that Mother Nature delivered us. It was easy… we didn’t have to try to enjoy the moment… it just happened. Why?

I truly believe because we had no agenda, no expectations and no worries. In our world of always trying to be bigger and better, no doubt there is someone doing more and being more. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting we lose all ambition and desire to grow. But I am saying that if we are constantly doing and comparing and competing, we are losing time. We miss the small stuff that really is what makes life life. We miss the smell of the pine needles, the sound of our kids playing, the moments of truly being with those we love. I believe when do take the time to slow down and embrace the things that really matter, then we start growing and our ambition heightens.

All of my greatest ideas and creations happen when I am on a trail, with a clear mind and no objective at hand. When I am just being with nature and letting my mind go where it wants to. I understand all of you aren’t nature junkies like I am, but I encourage you to find your path to slowing down. It may be meditation or sitting by the fire at night or watching your kids play in the back yard or doing yoga. Whatever your path is, take it… often. Remember next time you’re feeling rushed, overwhelmed or at your breaking point, “Anyone who is hurrying, is losing time.”

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