The "Right" Approach to Nutrition

January 6, 2023


Is it low carb? Or flexible dieting? Or fasting? Or counting macros? Or 3 meals a day? Or 5 meals a day? Or FODMAP diet? Or elimination diet? The "right" approach to nutrition is the one that works for YOU!

Food Stress Mess

November 27, 2019


Thanksgiving... a time to gather with friends and family, walk/run a Turkey Trot, eat scrumptious food, watch some football, play some games, partake in old traditions and make new ones. Also a time when we can get so far in our head about our food decisions that we create a stress mess. Let's approach our holiday meals with gratitude, compassion and confidence.

7 HEALTHY Ways to Eat Pumpkin

September 30, 2019


Even if the leaves aren’t changing where you are and the air isn’t cooling yet, there is most definitely pumpkin everything, everywhere… Pumpkin bars and pancakes and pies.

What would your Grandma say?

February 6, 2018


There is NO EXCUSE FOR EATING LIKE CRAP! For real guys. If our great great grandparents listened to how we obsess and talk about food all the time, they would think we are batshit-cray-cray. If they saw the things stocked on our grocery store shelves they would be confused (and then disgusted) when they found out what was in the stuff we call “food”.

Nutrition Nonsense: Part III – What Does “Diet” Even Mean?

November 6, 2017


Diet. Yuck! That word just makes me cringe! What does it even mean? Diets, for most people, create this feeling of guilt when not fully compliant. I have been in this industry for almost 15 years and I see it over and over again. Hell, I’ve experienced it myself over and over again. Let's change the talk and the thoughts.

Nutrition Nonsense: Part II – Social Side

October 30, 2017


Being in the health and fitness world in today’s social media craze is rough. Food and fitness are everywhere (or at least on my feeds). Our “media” shows perfection. I love that the image of “health” trying to change. But, I think going from "skin and bones" to “strong is the new skinny” we are still focused on body image defining our health. Newsflash y’all… we are all different.

Nutrition Nonsense: Part I – My Story

October 23, 2017


Alright y’all… here we go… a blog series that I know needs to be written, but I hesitate because of the flack it will most likely get online due to it’s vast controversial topic… but here we go… this series is going to be about… wait for it…. nutrition! But not delivered in the way you may think.