Movement Basics: Hinging

July 10, 2018


Have you ever bent down to pick up a bag of groceries or pick up a small child or how about weed your garden? I feel pretty confident in saying that you do those things, or a similar movement, several times a day. Congratulations! You are doing one of the movement basics on a regular basis. Those motions where you shoot your hips back and bend at your waist, are called hinging movement. In the gym these translate to deadlifts.

Movement Basics: Pull-ups

June 11, 2018


Pull-ups are a classic body weight exercise that can be done almost anywhere. They are a great test for upper body strength, core strength and even keeps us honest with our body weight. Let's dive into the why's, what's and how's of pullups.

Importance of Single Leg Work

May 7, 2018


I get it, squatting all the weight feels cool, looks cool and gives you bragging rights to your fellow gym rats. But, in my opinion, unilateral (single leg) squats are exponentially more important than bilateral (two legs) in most training programs. Here's why.

Movement Basics: Vertical Press

May 4, 2018


Vertical presses are great exercises to strengthen and help stabilize the shoulder. However, not everyone should do them...yet. Keep reading to find out how, why and if you or your clients even should be vertical pressing.

More Pull Please

April 30, 2018


We spend most of our day in front of us. Hands on keyboards. Eyes looking forward and down at phones. Hands on the steering wheel. Cooking dinner, washing dishes, shaking hands, holding babies, shoveling, hammering, mowing, putting on makeup, oh my freakin’ goodness… almost everything. Then we go into the gym hit some bench press, some push-ups, maybe jump on the bike and again just reinforce the same position. We can try to be conscious of our posture while doing all the activities, but, while it’s incredibly important to be aware of our posture, we also need to strengthen the opposing muscles. That is where horizontal pulling comes in.

Push-ups…Yes You Should Do Them!

April 23, 2018


Push-ups are one of those exercises that most people do… or at least try to do… if they are in any sort of basic fitness program at all. This is a good thing because push-ups are pretty much awesome for you… when performed properly. Here’s what makes them so awesome.

Exercise Isn’t About Burning Calories

November 27, 2017


People… listen to me on this one… exercise isn’t about burning calories! You may read that and think I’m nuts, but hear me out! The notion that we exercise to lose weight or get skinny is rough around the edges, to say the least. I believe these ideas are a large contributing factors to why a lot of people (women specifically) have an up and down relationships with exercise.

Excercise YOUR Way

November 13, 2017


As a fitness professional, I get asked all the time what I think the best workout or the best exercsie program is. Well, my answer, it depends. There's not a one size fits all approach. But, ultimately, the best exercise program is really the one that you do and that one that makes you happy…and the one that challenges you. Then you have to make sure you’re not just doing that.