What would your Grandma say?

February 6, 2018


Ooooookay, I’m done beating around the bush on this one. There is NO EXCUSE FOR EATING LIKE CRAP!

For real guys. If our great great grandparents listened to how we obsess and talk about food all the time, they would think we are batshit-cray-cray. If they saw the things stocked on our grocery store shelves they would be confused (and then disgusted) when they found out what was in the stuff we call “food”.

My beautiful Grandma Pat

As I am getting more and more involved with communities outside of the fitness and wellness industries, I continue to be blown away with people excuses for feeding themselves these so-called “foods”. Actually, I take that back… even in the fitness and “wellness” communities that happens all the time. Why are people so obsessed with doughnuts? And “sports drinks” (aka: soda pop)? And bacon? I mean I love me some bacon, but for every meal? Lordy!

Now, I am a true believer that there ISN’T ONE WAY to eat. For some, more of a paleo plate is their jam. For other’s it’s vegan. For some it’s just a healthy balance of real food. If you have been following any of what I do, then you know I personally preach the real food choice, consisting mostly of veggies, quality protein, and healthy fat. Sure, I strategically have rice and corn and potatoes in there too. But… I AVOID SUGAR AND PROCESSED CRAP! I don’t promote macros and flexible dieting and all that jazz.. and I never will (never say never right?). Not that it’s “wrong”, just that I don’t see the benefit for the average person (my opinion, not science). I only see people become neurotic about their food (ie: taking your food scale with you out to eat). Come on, guys! Live your life and know the difference between food and “not-food”.

Really though, that’s the main thing. I don’t care what “diet” you follow as long as you are eating real food with real nutrient density and real variety then you’re going to be doing pretty well overall. If you’re pounding drinks and powders and boxed and bagged food all the time… well, you’re maybe not doing as well.

I’m not about to say I am perfect. Do I have sugar on occasion or processed food? Sure, yes…I’m human and when I do, it tastes dang good… but it’s always a conscious decision and I know I will feel like poop afterwards. Cuz… it’s not good for me and my gut and my brain and my energy hates me afterwards!

So, eat real food most of the time. If you are struggling… follow these steps RIGHT NOW!

  • Start by just cleaning out the pantry, fridge, freezer. Get rid of all processed stuff.
  • Then go to the store or the market and stock up on all the colorful produce, good protein, and healthy fat. If it’s not around you, you won’t eat it.
  • Then go home and prepare it so it’s readily available. Meal prep!
  • When you go out to eat, choose meals that have real food (a bowl of pasta is not real food).
  • And when you do occasionally allow the processed stuff in, make it a conscious decision, eat a normal sized portion and savor the bites rather than inhaling it. You will appreciate it more and eat less of it.

Oh… one more thing before I’m done with my rant. If you choose to follow a “diet”.. and by that I mean something that has specific things you can and can’t eat (vegan, paleo, keto, Mediterranean)… please follow the same guidelines… eat real food. Tofu is not real food. Gluten free pretzels, cookies and cakes are not real food. Just because it’s “okay” on the list of things to eat, doesn’t mean it’s good for you! When in doubt, just ask yourself if your great great grandparents would approve?

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