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  • Oct 04, 2012


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    The internet has changed our lives forever.  Just type a few words, click a few boxes, press enter and you have purchased a plane ticket, discovered which QB has the most touchdown passes this season and posted your favorite new home improvement idea on Pintrest.  There is information about pretty much ANYTHING you can possibly imagine.  The question is, how legit is this information?  I can find sites that say gargling with distilled hydrogyn peroxide daily is the best way to kill off bacteria in your mouth and it also whitens your teeth (double bonus, right!?).  I can also find sites that say this is completely unsafe.  These mixed messages FILL cyberspace.  It doesn't matter what you're looking at, in most cases you can find one person's absolute truth to be another's falsity.


    The world of fitness and nutrition is no different.  How many websites can you find that promote eating a paleo/primal diet just in time to turn to another site saying that whole grains are essential to having a balanced diet?  How many different instructionals can you get on the proper way to back squat and find them all to take a bit different approach?  I can tell you that I have spent a lot of time browsing the web looking for information in our world of health and wellness, applying what I learn to my training/diet and and I am going to share with you the sites that I trust and visit most often.  Enjoy and please feel free to comment with where you go for the truth!



    Mobility WOD with Kelly Starrett

    Gymnastic WOD with Carl Paoli

    Invictus Fitness with CJ Martin

    Mike's Gym with Coach Burgener

    CrossFit Football

    CrossFit Endurance



    Balanced Bites with Diane Sanfilippo

    Growing Up Paleo with Chrissy Gower (for family/kids)

    Paleo OMG


    Combo Kit

    Mark's Daily Apple with Mark Sissons

    Everyday Paleo with Sarah Fragoso

    Robb Wolf

    Fit For Duty with Adam Lambert


    Equipment and Gear

    Rogue Fitness


    Rock Tape



    Pure Pharma

    Primal Blueprint

    Tropical Traditions