WarriorZ Throwdown

  • Oct 23, 2012




    This past weekend was one of the most fun competitions I have been a part of in my short career as a CrossFit athlete.  Charlie Zamora (owner of Warriorz Health and Fitness), with the help of his right-hand man, Brian Detrick, put on the 3rd annual Fittest of Elk Grove.  For the last several weekends they have held qualifying rounds for people of the city of Elk Grove, CA to test their fittness against one another.  On Sunday, the finalists competed to crown the Fittest oF Elk Grove.


    In conjunction to the Fittest of Elk Grove comp, Charlie and Brian invited a list of top CrossFit athletes in NorCal to participate in an exhibition event.  The Warriorz Throwdown was a 4-event competition in which 3 of the 4 events were done as a team of two (male and female).  The catch...you didn't get to pick your partner.  The mayor of Elk Grove was the man behind the magic as he drew the name of a male competitor and female competitor to pair up the 20 athletes into 10 teams.  I feel so lucky to have been paired up with Rocklin CrossFit's Chad Augustin.  This guy is legit.  Number one, he is possibly the most genuinely happy person I have ever met.  I can't think of one interaction I have ever had with him where he wasn't smiling, positive and full of life.  On top of that he is a phenomenal athlete.

     Chad and I

    The day went down as follows...

    Event 1:

    About 5 minutes before event 1 started, we were all called over to get the scoop on the event.  A bit of a shock to us all...it was announced that we were to run 2.5 miles...with a med ball (14# for women and 20# for men).  This was the one individual event.  You could hold it however you wanted with the excpetion of putting it under clothing or using the loops to hook your fingers.  After the short shock, it was time...3,2,1...Go!  We all headed out and at first it wasn't bad.  Most everyone I could see had the ball propped up on their shoulder with their arm over the top of it.  This worked for a while but then my shoulders were SMASHED...so I ended up shuffling the ball from my right shoulder to my left shoulder to carrying it in front of my stomach with both hands clasped in front.  The front hold was the easiest on the arms, but pressed on the diaphram so made it hard to breathe.  Putting it under my arm wasn't even a consideration because my arms were too short.  Not without several thoughts of, "oh crap...I'm gonna have to put this down"...I made it through the 2.5 miles without dropping the ball or walking.  However, leading the women most of the race, Sarah Hopping came blazing past me with about 100m to go...there was nothing I could do to catch her...she was burning up that road!



    Event 2:

    After a bit of a break, we were told to warmup and event 2 would be announced 5 minutes before go time. 


    The workout: As a team complete this chipper...

    - Suicide Sled Drag (10m down and back, 20m down and back, 30m down and back, 40m down and back, 50m down and back.) *If you start a length you have to finish down and back.

    - 400 Double Unders

    - Handstand Walk 50m

    - 50 Handstand Pushups (feet against a 15lb plate that your partner is holding)

    - Handstand Walk back 50m

    - 65# Single Arm Barbell Snatch (max reps in remaining time)

    *15min time cap*


    This was the first event with your teammate so strategy started to play a role.  Coming off of an injured neck, I was still a little hesitant to do a few things.  Luckily Chad was willing to take up the slack and we had a plan to break it up evenly.  He did the 10,30,50m Sled Drag and i did the 20 and 40m.  The Double Unders we just broke up when we needed a break.  I did most of the first handstand walk.  Plan was for him to do all of the HSPU but in the heat of the moment I knew I could give him a little break without coming down on my head...so I did 10 and he did 40!!  We headed back on the handstand walk and broke it up between us.  We never made it to the snatches...

    Sled Drag

    HS walk

    HSPU group

    Athlete Autograph Signing:

    They had tables set up for all of the Warrioz Throwdown athletes to sit at with sliver sharpies ready to sign shirts for competitors, spectators and fans.  I've never felt so famous in my life. :)  It was so fun to meet so many people, hear their stories about how they got into CrossFit and how it's changed their lives.  I consider it more of an honor on our part to have been able to meet so many great people in our sport.


    Event 3:

    20 min for each athlete to get their max Deadlift and max Clean and Jerk.

    I was pumped for this one because I have never done a 1RM deadlift until that day.  I'm not a very strong deadlifter, so i've stayed away from 1RM as to not blow my back out.  But I guess today was my day to try and hit it.  I'm the type of person that usually can do more if I don't know what's on the bar...so Chad loaded my bar as he was waming up with it and I ended up getting a 315# max.  I can't say my form was exactly stellar (which is why I hate max deadlift...just to reiterate that), but i did it.  Chad ended up hitting a crazy strong 495# deadlift...not too shabby for a 165# guy!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  Then came our clean and jerk.  With Chad still battling a groin pull, he couldn't do a split jerk so his weight was limited a bit, but still put up a solid #.  Then with my neck, I haven't doing a heavy jerk since before the games...so I stayed safe with a 185# lift.  We were both pleased to come out unscathed and with descent enough numbers to keep us in the game.

     Katie Hogan's 385# Deadlift!!!! Katie Hogan 385

    Event 4:

    The final event was another chipper done as a team.


    Male 200m Sprint

    Female 200m Sprint

    50 Ring Pushups (rings susupended from partner who is holding a below parallel squat standing on boxes)

    Yoke Carry 100m

    Parnter Wheelbarrow Crawl 100m

    50 Pistols

    Partner Carry 100m (male carries female)

    Partner Carry 100m (female carries male)


    This workout was really fun (minus the ring pushups).  Chad got a late start on the "sprint" cuz we weren't paying attention...no worries though...that definitely wasn't going to make or break it.  Then my "sprint" went fine.  The plan was for me to do all the pushups because I couldn't hang the rings from my neck with him suspended from it (just not safe).  We were having so much trouble because Chad isn't a super tall guy so when we would get to a full depth squat the rings were touching the ground.  They wouldn't let us adjust the straps so poor Chad was trying to keep his hips down and having to arch his back to try and get the rings as high as possible.  I felt so bad for him.  Finally, after about 15 "no reps" due to either my hands on the ground or his hips too high to compensate, they shortened our straps and we were able to move on.  Chad DOMINATED the yoke...he was pretty much running with it.  That gained some serious ground for us.  I immediately jumped my hands to the turf, he grabbed my feet and we took off in a wheelbarrow sprint.  I think I made it about 70yrds and then he finished.  I jumped into the pistols right away and did them unbroken (I LOVE PISTOLS!!!).  Chad was waiting ready to get me in a fireman's carry and sprint with me to the other end of the field.  We switched and he jumped on my back and I ran with him as my backpack to the other end.  Passing the leading team to take the victory for event 4!  SO FUN!


    YokePistols Buddy Carry


    No matter what the placings were that day, it was seriously one of the "funnest" days I have had at a comp.  Doing the team thing was such a different experience.  You get to "rest" when you need to.  You get to strategize a bit more.  Some of the pressure is taken away since it's not just you doing it.  And you get to enjoy the day, the workouts, the victories with someone else.  Chad and I ended up coming out on top in a tie with Blair Morrison and Sarah Hopping.  I think we were the oldest team and they were the tallest team for sure.


    MIranda Laugh

    What a fun day!  I'm ready for next year!  Thanks again Charlie and Brian and everyone else that volunteered your time or came out to support and cheer us all on.

    Here is a list of some of the talented CrossFit athletes that I had the honor of working out with (Becca Voigt, Katie Hogan, Miranda Olydroyd, Annie Sakamoto, Jackie Perez, Sarah Hopping, Jennie McKernan, Valerie Calhoun, Leah Bennett, Blair Morrison, Ivan Alarcon, Will Blaker, Wes Hutchinson, Jake Neubauer, Shaun Eagen, Ben Alderman, Garrett Fisher, John Hitchcock)

    • Gravatar of Matthew Brown

      Matthew Brown

      Posted Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 12:50:22 PM

      Great post Jenny! It was great seeing you compete down there and I was stoked you got partnered with Chad. Great guy.

    • Gravatar of LaVonne Brown

      LaVonne Brown

      Posted Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 12:53:34 PM

      It was a great day! It was fun watching the local Nor-Cal athletes compete, and truly inspiring seeing the strong competitiveness in the top Exhibition Events! Congrats Jenny and Chad for your awesome performances! Love you!!!

    • Gravatar of Councilman Steve Detrick

      Councilman Steve Detrick

      Posted Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 1:20:11 PM

      Jenny, Thank you and the other 19 Top Califonia Athletes for coming to Elk Grove and bringing you "A" Game! You did a great re-cap of the event! Thanks again! Steve

    • Gravatar of chad augustin

      chad augustin

      Posted Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 6:46:38 PM

      Jenny, I wish I could drive up and hug you!!! Your article was so nice! I had so much fun with you!!!!! Hope to see you soon:)

    • Gravatar of Yvonne Zipf

      Yvonne Zipf

      Posted Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 8:13:20 AM

      I wish I had known about this in advance I was in Elk Grove/Lodi last weekend timing the Race for Awareness on Saturday. There was a Crossfit team participating in the that and they had a poster for it at their booth. I wondered if you were going to be participating. I totally would have found a way to stay down there and come and cheer you on. Sounds like fun! I'm glad your neck is doing better.