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  • Jun 21, 2012


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    The last month or so of my life has been a bit busy to say the least.  My apologies for not being as active with my blog as I (and hopefully you) want.  My intention with this blog is to keep you all updated on my life and as of late, I've not been living up to my expectations...but here's to starting a long cylce of up-to-date blogging! :)


    Being a "newbie" last year to the CrossFit community I was so nervous to be standing next to Chyna Cho, Annie Sakamoto, Elyse Umeda, Laurie Galassi, Danielle Edmundson and so many more well-known phenomenal CrossFit women at the Norcal Regionals.  I had only competed in a couple CrossFit competitions up to that point and nothing even close to the same league as I was about to dive head first into.  Needless to say my nerves were out of control, I was completely in the dark at what to expect, and was feeling a bit lonely being the unaffilated new girl on the block as I watched the other girls reunite.

    As most of you know, the 2012 Norcal Regionals just took place May 18th, 19th adn 20th in San Jose, CA at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds.  Going into the weekend all the athletes had known of the workouts for a few weeks so we each had that time to prep for the movements, the workouts, and how we would plan to tackle the weekend.  However, there was nothing that could have prepared me for what I was going to experience outside of the workouts. 

    This year, I didn't know how I was going to feel since I was now friends with these girls and so excited to be competing against them.  Were the same nerves going to hit?  How was my body going to react to the workouts?  How was I going to deal with the pressure of being a "known athlete" now?  These questions all raced through my mind, but much to my surprise, they didn't play a role once at the arena, amongst the best of Norcal, and surrounded by screaming fans! 

    As far as the same nerves hittting...well there were defintely nerves but this year the nerves weren't from the unkown, they were from having expectations to do well for myself and for those who have helped me and supported me through my journey.  Obviously last year I wanted to do well, but I honestly had NO IDEA what was going to happen.  This year, I knew I could do it and I wanted to take the whole shebang! 

    My body reacted well to the workout...of course my quads were wrecked and my body was fatigued, but with the internal drive to succeed, my family and friends there and the roar of the crowd..adrenaline was flying high all weekend.  The body is an amazing machine that will do so much more than we think it can if we just let it.

    70# Snatch

    Although this was a big competition, rather than feeling like I was "competing" against these girls, I felt like we were all just out there working out together.  I'm not at all trying to discredit the competitive nature of regionals because that definitely was there...but now looking back I feel so lucky to have thrown down and gone through the blood, sweat and tears with these phenomenal ladies.  The spirit of the Norcal women is something spectacuiar and I feel so fortunate to be a part of it.  I remember when I was finishing my last set of handstand pushups hearing Annie screaming at me to keep going.  After my final attempt at the snatch ladder, Miranda Oldroyd was right there to hug me and comment "Jenny you're supposed to stay on your feet." Ha!  After finishing the Squat/Pullup/Shoulder-to-Overhead workout I remember dropping my bar and heading over to cheer Elyse through the last of her battle.  This is what I am talking about that nothing could have prepared me for what was goign to happen at regionals...the Norcal women are a team in themselves.  The nervous, intimidated feelings from 2011 were long gone and changed the whole experience for the better.

    Miranda Hug

    For me, the weekend ended on the podium with Annie Sakamota and Candace Hamilton-Hester hugging each other and waving at the fans absolutely extactic and honored to be returning to the Home Depot Center in July.

     Reg Podium '12

    And now...3 weeks out....the work has been done...we will see what July 13th, 14th, 15th holds for The 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.

    • Gravatar of Karen


      Posted Friday, June 22, 2012 at 8:20:42 AM

      It was truely and amazing weekend watching you power through all the events and sharing the experience with my 10 year old daughter, Emily (the future of CrossFit as you say!). I can't wait to cheer you on at The Games. You will be amazing!!!!

    • Gravatar of Phil


      Posted Friday, June 22, 2012 at 9:16:58 AM

      Good luck!

    • Gravatar of LaVonne Brown

      LaVonne Brown

      Posted Friday, June 22, 2012 at 9:29:19 AM

      Jenny, you are a well-spring of strength, determination, heart, and hope! You inspire all who know you to be their best. We will follow you wherever you go, and support you in all you do: you are our shining star! Love You!

    • Gravatar of Jason LaBaw

      Jason LaBaw

      Posted Friday, June 22, 2012 at 11:50:01 AM

      Mad, crazy proud of ya cuz! keep it up! I'm going to try to make it out Sunday (I've got a wedding to DJ that weekend).

    • Gravatar of Cathy (Mom)

      Cathy (Mom)

      Posted Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 2:34:54 PM

      What an inspiring summary, Jen. This was a blast to relive the Regionals again thru your blog (eyes). Tthe genuine compassion each of you had for one another was truly evident, even from the crowd. So proud of you!