Is Reebok Changing The Sport Of CrossFit?

  • Aug 30, 2012


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    Is Reebok changing the sport of CrossFit???....


    Only being a part of CrossFit for one year and seven months I feel like I may have a skewed view of the answer to this question.  I mean, people like Chris Spealer and Annie Sakamoto have been there since day one and are still extremely active as coaches, athletes and ambassadors for the sport.  They were there at Aromas when it was pretty much a backyard bash with people just getting down and dirty at the farm in NorCal.  They have lived CrossFit for years.  My short experience in the sport may not warrant a post like this, but I am going to give you my opinion anyways and would love to hear yours as well.


    So…the question is…is Reebok changing the sport of CrossFit.  My answer…

    Reebok Badge 


    The Games are a whole new ball game from what they were.  Athletes are treated like kings and queens.  We get hundreds and hundreds of dollars of gear.  We compete at the Home Depot Center in a huge public arena.  We compete for the top prize of $250,000.  We are on TV for crying out loud.  That is definitely a change! 


    Reebok is providing uniforms for athletes at the elite level, but also giving the general CrossFitter gear that makes them feel confident, sexy and full of life.  I mean seriously, if you have a pair of bright colored Nanos you are going to want to wear them…that helps gets you to the gym.


    Away from The Games, we have more people participating in CrossFit than ever before.  We have more public awareness than ever before.  More people are getting healthier, investing their time/energy/money into themselves and thus growing the sport.  Partnering with Reebok has given CrossFit more opportunity for media marketing, public appearances and even though we don't like to talk about money…they help to give CrossFit the funds to grow.




    CrossFit is still constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements across broad time and modal domains.  There are still gyms all over the world that are succeeding as small hole-in-the-wall "boxes".  They open their garage doors every morning, write the WOD on the whiteboard and help people improve themselves everyday.  The roots of CrossFit have not been lost.  The purpose of CrossFit is not changing.  The people of CrossFit are still down-to-earth, passionate individuals that simply want to live healthy, active lifestyles. 


    Reebok is changing CrossFit, but I'd rather say they areimprovingCrossFit, they aregrowingCrossFit and they arebecomingCrossFit.  Reebok has embraced CrossFit into their world, their workplace and their mission.  I can tell you first hand, that Reebok provides an environment to their employees rare to most companies.  They give everyone access to an amazing facility (Reebok CrossFit One) with classes at all hours of the day to fit different schedules, a full service locker room (no excuses to not get a workout in before work or at lunch) and clean eating at their cafeteria.  They are practicing what we preach!


    We all know that CrossFit works.  Reebok does too and they have the resources, the network and the funds to reach more people than we ever dreamed possible.  Look at the increased number of Open participation just from 2011 to 2012.  That isn't a negative effect.  That isn't something to beat them down about.  That proves, that with Reebok's help, CrossFit can change our world one box, one WOD, one person at a time.

    Reebok CrossFit

    • Gravatar of Matthew Brown

      Matthew Brown

      Posted Friday, August 31, 2012 at 3:09:35 AM

      Great post Jenny! I love it, and you are right.

    • Gravatar of J.P. Gassiot

      J.P. Gassiot

      Posted Thursday, September 06, 2012 at 9:15:50 AM

      I like your take on this! Speaking for my family...going to regionals this year to spectate was incredibly insprational and motivating. I know I'm hooked! And it is a good thing for health and wellness.