Are You Winning Your Day?

  • Aug 21, 2012

    Mental Training


    What are you going to do today to make yourself better than you were yesterday?  I try to ask myself that questions everyday…and recently I have started writing it down in my journal.  I look back at night to reflect and see if I have accomplished that self-improvement and if not, then I try to think of what else I have accomplished that day.  It's easy for us to dwell on the negative aspects of our day, bad choices we've made, projects we didn't finish, poor reactions to loved ones, or how others made our day bad.  For some reason it's a challenge for us to be positive and relish in the good things.  No matter how bad the day may seem, there is ALWAYS something good that happens in your day.  Recognize the bad things, accept them for what they are, and move on.  Maybe you exchanged smiles with a stranger walking by.  Maybe you got caught up with all your email correspondence.  Maybe you got out for a walk on your lunch break to enjoy the outdoors.


    Competing at the elite level and becoming a pro-athlete in the last year or so, I feel more pressure than I ever have had with my training.  I set specific goals, have certain expectations and put unnecessary tension on myself.  I am setting the intension this season to approach my training with the same attitude I approach my day.  This is fun, this supposed to be fun and when that stops the negative rears its ugly face.  That is when it's time to refocus on what's important.  I can remember several training sessions this past season were I was dwelling on the fact that I couldn't do certain movements as a result of injury or pissed because I failed a new PR attempt or bumming because I was having to train on my own as always.  How is an attitude like that EVER going to help you as an athlete?  It's not!  Again, I have to recognize those negative situations and learn from them.  What positivity can I take away from them? 


    Currently, I am still in rehab mode in my off-season.  What does this mean?  Not a whole lot of overhead work, no O-lifting and some limitations on how heavy I can go with certain movements.  My attitude toward this…this is great timing for me to recovery physically AND mentally.  It's an opportunity for me to work on some of my other weaknesses and going lighter I can really focus on form and body position, which will transfer over to my training as I dive into 2013 programming.  I also get to use this time to do what I love and want to do rather than what I feel I have to do…you know, actually have an "off-season".



    Where am I getting at with this post?  It's not about winning every battle each day and conquering your entire day…but it's about focusing on the good and when you do that you will win your day.  Like I mentioned before, I have been noting my "betterments" each day.  Here are the last few days that I want to share with you, in hopes to give you ideas to take from to start your new positive approach to each day.


    Friday 8/17 - Cleaned the dock today to surprise Marcus.  Was a lot of work but always good therapy to have cleaned up clutter.

    Saturday 8/18  - Marcus comes home today!!  All chores done so that we can have some quality time this weekend.  Also, had a blast coaching Saturday classes…left people with smiles on their faces for their weekend!  I am so lucky to be able to help people everyday for a living!

    Sunday 8/19 - Got to workout with Marcus at the lake today with our new Rogue equipment.  First day I have put a bar over my head since The Games!

    Monday 8/20 - Tried a few strict HSPU to an ab mat today for the first time since The Games and am PAINFREE!!  My new running class had a break through with finally feeling the correct form and how it makes running easier!

    Tuesday 8/21 - So honored to be sponsored by Reebok.  Headed to Boston today to the factory and am going to make the most of my time there, learn as much as I can about the company, give what input I have and enjoy the heck out of each moment.


    We have a choice each day to make it the best we can.  I am a true believer in focusing on the positive and finding the good in each day.  Do I succeed with this positive self-talk 100% of the time?  Of course not!  There are days that I am pretty sure the world is out to get me and nothing could go my way…you know that feeling!  But, the good news is that day will come and go.  The next day you are faced with the same choice…what are you going to do to make yourself better than you were yesterday?  How are you going to win your day?