2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Recap: Wednesday - Day 3

  • Jul 31, 2012




    Wednesday 7/11/12:

    Tuesday night didn't result in the best sleep I'd ever had.  It could have been the nerves, the dreams, the excitement…nonetheless at 4:30am, with only 6 hours of sleep under my belt, it was time to head to the Marriott to be bussed to Camp Pendleton.  First though I knocked on Marcus' van door in the parking lot to get my trail shoes.  He drove himself and the shoes down from Chico the night before and stayed in the van because he didn't want to wake me up in the middle of the night coming into the hotel room…what a guy!  The bus ride was pretty quiet as most of tried to catch a few more zzz's.  I had Head and the Heart, Band Of Horses, Amos Lee, Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson in my ears trying to calm my nerves a bit.  


    Once we arrived, it was a relief to see that the ocean was in good condition and it was going to be a go without danger of the water.  After some prep time it was 3,2,1…Go…all individual athletes, men and women, running 500m through soft sand with fins in hand toward the start of the swim.  It was a bit of a cluster getting the fins on and in the water, but once I was going, I was way more comfortable than I remembered from last year.  About 200m in I figured out how to use the fins to my advantage and actually passed some people (I didn't know I could everpassanyone on a swim!).  The transition from swim to bike took longer than I would have liked, but I got on my bike and was in my comfort zone.  It was actually a VERY enjoyable…the scenery was great and we could chat a bit on the bikes as we were making our way to the dreaded 11K hill run.  Riding a single speed bike was definitely different from what I was used to…there was no gaining speed on the downhills and once you hit a certain speed on the flats, that was it…your legs were just spinning.  The hills are where I caught people. 

    Pre Triathlon

    (Pre Tri Registration...getting numbers, chips and apparently I was taking a nap)


    I saw the transition spot coming and prepped by unclipping my helmet to toss off and thinking about how I was going to dismount my bike to get up the last 150m hill for the end of Event 1 as Jenny Davis was just in front of me and Christy Phillips was right on my tail.  Christy accidentally dropped her bike right where I jumped off mine and I tripped over her bike, touching my hands and knees to the asphalt.  I jumped right up as she was kindly apologizing as she rand up the hill and I did my best to catch her.  That 150m was honestly one of the hardest parts of the entire event in my opinion!  After that it became a hike with intermittent runs up the first 2.5 miles.  Then it was up and down the rest of the run.  On Tuesday, Dave Castro briefed us that, from his experience, running the ups and walking the downs was the best approach, but there was no way that I (or anyone else I saw for that matter) was going to be running up the majority of those hills.  So it was a run down/hike up race with beautiful views that distracted us from the burning quads, glutes and calves.  It almost didn't seem like a competition because we were hiking/running with all the men competitors and everyone was helping eachother get through it.  I spent a good portion of my 11K with Angie Pye and seriously we were laughing a lot of the time...mainly with talk about how our butts better look good after all this hiking.  Ha!

     Swim Finish

    (Finishing the swim...transitioning to bike)

    Once crossing the finish line we had a little bit of time to hit the ice baths, take in some fuel and change clothes before being briefed on the O-Course.  It was so much fun!!  Hurdling logs, scaling walls, balancing down logs, etc.  After the briefing the men heats went, followed by the women's.  I was pumped for this event because I consider myself a pretty athletic person and with my background of being out in the woods and just moving over odd obstacles, I thought this could be in my wheelhouse.  And it was…but not that day.  My practice run was WAY better than my attempt at the event.  I missed my first hip-over which set me back a bit but stayed composed and caught up.  Then I messed up again by missing my first attempt at jumping over the high log.  I got second in my heat, which knocked me out of the bracket.  I was so bummed out!  But, after having a quick minute to be mad at myself and have a silent pity party, I realized it was so early in the competition that no harm was done.  I sat with Lindsey Smith and Rebecca Voigt on the sidelines cheering the rest of the girls on.  Although it would have been way more fun to do, it was still an exciting event to watch.

     Ice Bath

    (Taking an ice bath with Cheryl Brost and Angie Pye)


    After the day was over and we were riding the bus home, I was staring out the window in a daydream about what had just happened that day.  I did a triathlon!  I've always wanted to do a tri, but my fear of swimming has prevented me from following through…no more!  The most amazing part of the day though, was the honor I felt to have had the opportunity to partake in a CrossFit competition at Camp Pendleton with USMC cheering us on, instructing us through the O-course and being a part of our day.  I can't thank each of these individuals enough for what they do for our country and the time they took that day to make our day forever memorable!


    Absolutely exhausted, we took the 80mile bus ride back to the Marriot, took of off our separate ways to call it a day.  Day 1 of the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games…check!

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      Posted Wednesday, August 01, 2012 at 4:35:09 PM

      1. What a guy that Marcus. That's so sweet! Big huge cyber hug from me to him!

      2. Even though the tri announcement was a shocker, I was happy that it consisted of elements you love. I totally knew it was going to be your event!

      3. The O-course was anyone's guess. That's a hard thing to prepare for unless you just got out of boot camp. Haha. But I thought everyone did well given the fact that it was announced the night before and you had only a limited amount of time to prepare for it.

      4. I like how you are good at pumping yourself back up so easy and quickly and not being so hard on yourself if you didn't do as well as you liked. To me, that's where it all begins before strength and gas tanks.

      5. And as I sat at work listening to the live coverage, I'm actually blessed that my boss pretty much stayed clear of my desk while I got absolutely nothing done. What a patient guy! Haha.

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      Melissa Varty

      Posted Wednesday, August 01, 2012 at 6:53:05 PM

      I'm eagerly following your posts about the games. Thanks for sharing your experience with the world. You are such a phenomenal and inspiring athlete. Because of women like you, I am able to push myself harder to leave my comfort zone and succeed.

      It was a dream come true to meet and have my picture taken with you at the games.

      Take care and all the best!