2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Recap: Thursday - Day 4

  • Aug 01, 2012

    CrossFit Games


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    Thursday 7/12/12:

    Rest Day!  Seriously…do we really have a day off in the middle of The Games?  Another first!  Thanks goodness we did…it was a day that was much needed for some sleeping in, good fuel replacement and hydration.  Each athlete had an interview time scheduled with ESPN either on Tuesday or Thursday…mine was Thursday late morning.  I'm not gonna lie, it is quite the trip to be called in to a room and interviewed knowing that you may be seen on National TV…I felt famous!!  With Miranda Oldroyd throwing questions my way, Heber Cannon up in my grill with a camera and Tyson Oldroyd (with a few others) watching to make sure everything ran smooth…it was a pretty fun experience.  Is this what it's like for the pro football and baseball players we see interviewed on TV?  The interview was one of two responsibilities for the day and once that was over it was time for an ice bath, some mobility work and chillin before heading to the track to test the GHD ball toss, sleds and 25ft rope climb in cleats.


    John Welbourn was the demonstrator for the sled.  He's a big dude…so to see him huffin' and puffin' after a few pushes left most of the athletes with a little skepticism as to how this was going to go down.  Chatter filled the field amongst athletes and coaches about the best strategy to approach the sled.  When it was my shot to test it, the sled was awkward and heavy, but doable.  The rope climb attempt in cleats was comforting because it felt way more "grippy" than expected, but definitely REALLY HIGH (25ft up + the height of the big crash pad.  DON'T LOOK DOWN!!  The GHD ball toss practice was all about figuring out what trajectory of the toss would be most beneficial.  We were told in the briefing of this event that the final measurement was where the ball stopped rolling…different than what I had practiced a few times at home.  My engineer-brained boyfriend told me a 45 degree release would be best for distance (without accounting for the roll….so that was the initial plan going into practice, but that changed with the standard explanation).  Turns out line drive or lower provided the most power for the ball to roll the farthest…so that's what I attempted to do.  Following the practice…it was back to the hotel.

     Rope Climb 2


    First thing was hitting a stationary bike to loosen the legs up a bit with a 10min spin and then a cool shower before grabbing some grub.  I was lucky enough to meet up with a lot of my family and sit with them as I chowed down.  I am so fortunate to have so much support from my loved ones…aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, parents, brothers, friends… so many people taking a trip to Los Angeles for me…what an absolute honor!

    Family Shot (some of my family...cousin Shawn, boyfriend Marcus, brother Jeremy, boyfriend's parents Art and LaVonne, cousin Mandy, and myself)

    No problem falling asleep that night…lights out for the big weekend ahead.

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      I was gonna ask how doing the sprints in the cleates were.....